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NTUC concerns proposed amendments to Bonus Act-2030 BS

Kathmandu, Jan 2 : Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) has drawn its attention to the proposed amendments to Bonus Act-2030 BS through the bill made to amend the Nepal Act.
Issuing a press release, NTUC general-secretary Yogendra Kumar Kunwar expressed dissent on the proposal of diverting bonus amount to social security fund as per the clause 13 of the Bonus Act-2030 in line with clause 6 of the proposed amendments to the Act.
The amendments made unilaterally without any discussions and consultations contravened the provisions of new Labour Act-2074 BS, Regulation 2075 and contributions based Social Security Act 2074 BS as well as the aspirations of working journalists and business/industry community, reads the release. “It has disappointed entire labour community”, the NTUC added.
Likewise, the NTUC has also expressed concern over the registration of amendment without any discussion with stakeholders against the national and international standards. Any law concerning labour should be amended on tripartite agreement in line with Nepal-ratified ILO Convention 144.
The NTUC has warned to launch strong protest if the proposed amendments were not put for wider discussion by immediately withdrawing the bill registered at the parliament. —

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